Festival Workshops

We run workshops at various festivals throughout the spring, summer and fall. Our most popular workshop is our stilting workshop. In a stilting workshop, we have a few teachers work with students in a 1-on-1 fashion. Each student gets a few minutes on stilts, which is often enough for adults (and around 50% of the time for children) to get to the point where they don't need to be held and can walk unsupported (though not unwatched).

Space needs for a stilting workshop are a non-sloped area of at least 10 feet by 20 feet and a sturdy table for the students to sit on while the stilts are put on/taken off. The fee for our workshops is $100/hour/skill.Contact peter_jehlen@openaircircus.org for any requests or with any questions.

Parties and Organization Lessons

We also teach at parties and can hold a lesson or set of lessons for organizations. For these, stilting is still the most common skill requested, however the format of the lesson is often different. Furthermore, for parties we often see a couple different skills being included with students rotating between the stations. Coming back to the format of the stilt lesson being different, instead of our instructors teaching stilting 1-on-1 for a short period of time, the party organizers or organization often have volunteers come to spot the students. The instructor(s) starts the lesson off and then takes turns with each student. By the end of the lesson, typically, all students have learned to walk on their own.

Other skills taught at parties tend to be hula hoops, juggling, and/or poi.

These sorts of lessons usually last 1 hour but are sometimes longer or have multiple sessions, especially if a higher level of confidence is needed by the students (for instance, if they are going to perform).

Space requirements for these lessons are the same as for Festival Workshops except that more room is required as more participants tend to be learning at the same time. More room is required for additional skills. The fee for our lessons depends on the skills but tends to be between $60 and $100 per hour per skill. Contact peter_jehlen@openaircircus.org for any requests or with any questions.