We have a wide variety of items that we could use an extra hand with that range from small to large, from every week of classes to once per year....

Weekly Activities During Summer Season:
Transportation of equipmentTaken for the 2019 by / Thank you!
Water/Ice - each day of classes 
Transportation - Matts 
Stilts (needed every day; ~35 pairs) 
Juggling Supplies 
Diabolo (roughly 2.5 feet by 2 feet by 2 feet tall) 
Devil Sticks (roughly 1 foot by 4 feet by 1/2 foot tall) 
Poi (milk crate) 
Sphereplay (milk crate) 
Hats (roughly 2 feet by 4 feet by 2 feet tall) 
Hula Hoops 
Balance Beam - carry from Growing Center 
Balance Beam - carry to Growing Center 

Misc Activities During Summer Season:

  • Ad Sales
    • Coordination of selling ad in general
    • Politicians in Arlington
    • Politicians in Cambridge
    • Politicians in Medford
    • Politicians in Somerville
    • Businesses
    • In exchange for goods (lumber)
  • Manage or Assist with Stilt Making Workshop (typically 1-2 weeks into season)
  • Manage or Assist with Hula Hoop Making Workshop (every couple years)
  • Hand out flyers about performances
    • Saturday morning at Union Sq Farmer's Market
    • Friday and Sunday?
  • Manage or Assist with costumes

Stilting Workshops:

  • Assisting - We can always use people teaching. We also love to have someone stilting around whatever area we're in to drum up interest (mostly for the first 30 minutes to an hour of the workshop). Finally, I've often thought it would be nice to have someone monitoring the line and letting the teachers know who's next. This last one is obviously a nice to have and often we'd prefer a teacher to a line monitor, but if you don't feel comfortable teaching, this might be a great way to help.
  • Organizing - There are 5 stilting workshops (mentioned below) we do every year and several more that we would do if we had organizers for them. Organizing a stilting workshop entails bringing and picking up the supplies (~25 pairs of stilts, small signs, 1-2 folding tables for signs, banner) and making sure there are at least 2 teachers at all times. Drop off and pick up of the supplies often entails bringing the supplies several blocks from a parking spot. For assistance with this, we have blue wagons that fold up.
  • Annual Stilting Workshops:
    • East Somerville Somerstreets (Sunday, usually last week of May / first week of June)
    • Cambridge Fresh Pond Day (Saturday, early June)
    • ArtBeat (Saturday, mid July)
    • Cambridge Carnival (Sunday, September)
    • Somerstreets Highland Ave (Sunday, mid September)
    • Somerstreets Somerville Ave (Sunday, mid October)

Parade Support:
Bringing customes and a few stilts to the front and/or picking everything up at the end
Annual Parades:

  • East Somerville Somerstreets (Sunday, usually last week of May / first week of June)
  • Cambridge RiverSing (Sunday early evening, mid September)
  • Honk (Sunday, October)
  • Somerstreets Somerville Ave (Sunday, mid October)