Stilt Making Workshop 2017

We'll be holding our stilting workshop on Sunday July 9 at 67 Dane St. If you are interested, please contact us to sign up for a starting point between noon and 3 (starting times are every half hour). Please note that the stilts may take a while to finish, the starting points are just to help us through the wood sawing and hole-drilling segment. We found this approach to be much less chaotic and frustrating in the last few workshops we've held. Please email me with your preferred starting time(s) and let me know if you want stilts that are more than 4 feet in overall length (knee to base of stilt, not the size of the stilt to be made) as well as how many pairs you're planning on making. It's best if the stilt walker comes with the clothes they will typically wear the stilts in so we can get a proper measurement and make sure that the stilts fit. I will reply back with a confirmation of which time slot you're scheduled for. Stilts are $50/pair. If you're experienced in some part of the stilt making process already and would like to help us out, your participation through the whole day would be extremely welcomed. We could use leaders for various parts of the workshop: cutting strapping, attaching strapping to stilts, applying nuts/bolts, cutting/applying padding, cutting/applying rubber bottoms.

Please note that we will be purchasing the materials for the stilts on Friday so we need to know all details about what kinds of stilts you want to make before then.