Parade AND Stilting Workshop - June 4 2017 - East Somerville Somerstreets: Carnaval

We'll be gathering for the parade at 1:00 across from Mudflat Studios (81 Broadway). The parade actually kicks off from 165 Broadway so please arrive promptly so you can gather costumes. We'll be teaching stilting from 2:30-5:30pm across from Mudflat Studios. If you plan to help with the stilting workshop, please remember to wear an OAC t-shirt to identify you as part of our team. Also, keep in mind that Broadway is closed starting near McGrath Highway for this event so traffic may be somewhat bad. If you can, definitely consider taking public transportation to a nearby area and then walking the rest of the way.

Stilting Workshop - July 15 2017 - Artbeat

We'll be doing our usual 2 hour workshop at Artbeat from noon to 2pm on College Ave just outside the center of Davis Sq. It would be great to have a lot of help at this event as there tends to be lots of interest. We would also love to have stilters roaming around Davis Sq during the workshop.