2019 Rehearsal/Performance Week Schedule

Rehearsal Notes:

  • Shout Outs: In our performance program guide, we offer space for parents, friends, and relatives to provide shootouts. These are 60 character lines where people get to show their support for the performers, teachers, volunteers, etc. Each line costs $3. You can use our online request or email all requests to Sarah Shugars (sarah.shugars@gmail.com) or provide in person at the Tuesday rehearsals.
  • We'd love to get lots of photos of the rehearsals and performances! Also, if you have experience with mini-DV video cameras, let us know, we can always use extra camera-people to take extra shots.
  • We know we tend to be especially chaotic at two specific times during the season: first week and last week. Please don't hesitate to ask questions if anything is at all unclear or you just want to confirm something.
  • On Tuesday and Wednesday, each class will get a short period of time to rehearse their act. We sometimes have teachers pulling their students aside to rehearse in addition to the below times if their classes are available. We will have stage markers set up around the field to indicate the size of the stage so that classes can rehearse with the stage in mind. Please do not move/remove these markers. We also have several times at which multiple classes will be rehearsing per the schedule. These classes will have priority over the stage setup location that they've been assigned to. Please also keep in mind that the below schedule is rough and that in order to meet it, we need everybody on the field and ready to rehearse before their class is set to start. Teachers will start gathering their students shortly before their class is set to rehearse.
  • STILTING - BEGINNER - there are 2 sessions of this rehearsal set for Tuesday and Wednesday. Students only need to attend one of them, not both.
  • Time slotTuesday
    5:10-5:25 Diabolo Beginner
    Hula Hoops - Intermediate
    Stilting - Beginner (only if not in another rehearsal at the same time)
    5:30-5:45 Juggling Beginner
    Tumbling for Two
    5:50-6:05 Diabolo Intermediate
    Musical Theatre Dance
    Tiny Tots Trio Both sessions
    6:10-6:25 Hula Hoops - Beginner
    Juggling Intermediate
    Tumbling for Two - Advanced
    6:30-6:45 Sphereplay
    Stilting Intermediate *any that are not in Sphereplay
    6:50-7:05 Stilting Intermediate Continued
    7:10-7:30 Stilting Advanced

    Time slotWednesday
    5:10-5:25 Stage Combat Intermediate
    5:30-5:45 Stage Combat Both classes
    5:50-6:05 Devil Sticks Both classes
    6:10-6:25 Unicycling
    6:30-6:45 Poi both classes
    6:50-7:05 Baton Twirling Both classes
    Commedia Dell'Arte
    Stilting Beginner (only if not in another rehearsal at the same time)
    7:10-7:20 Baton Twirling Both classes (continued)
    Commedia Dell'Arte (continued)


    the tent will arrive in the morning. Often, teachers will ask for additional time to rehearse with their classes, so be prepared to let the instructor know of any scheduling restrictions when the class meets on Tuesday/Wednesday. Beginner Stilters are welcomed to practice stilting anytime after 11am on Thursday and anytime on Friday.

    Act 1
    Tiny Tots Trio
    Juggling Beginner
    Poi both classes
    Tumbling for Two
    Hula Hoops - Beginner
    Tumbling for Two Advanced
    Baton Twirling Both classes
    Juggling Intermediate
    Hula Hoops - Intermediate
    Stilting - Beginner

    Act 2
    Stilting Intermediate
    Commedia Dell'Arte
    Diabolo Beginner
    Stage Combat Both classes
    Devil Sticks Both classes
    Musical Theatre Dance
    Diabolo Intermediate
    Yo Yo
    Stilting - Advanced

    Students in the first act should arrive at the field by 5:20 so we can begin the rehearsal as early as possible.

    Students in the second act should arrive at the field by 6:00 so we can continue the rehearsal when the first act finishes, hopefully without taking a break.

    We know it's tempting to sit and watch the acts as they rehearse, but please keep conversations outside the tent to allow the children and teachers to focus on the rehearsal and if you're in an upcoming rehearsing group (think 3 groups ahead) you should be backstage so your teacher can find you easily and make a smooth transition (and we can find where the holes our in our performance lineup).