2018 Rehearsal/Performance Week Schedule

All rehearsals and performances will be at Nunziato Field.
Tuesday Wednesday
Time slotClasses RehearsingTime slotClasses Rehearsing
4:50-5:05Diabolo - Intermediate
Tumbling for Two
5:00-5:15Stage Combat (ALL)
5:20-5:35Devil Sticks (ALL)
5:10-5:25Hula Hoops - Intermediate
Juggling - Beginner
5:40-5:55Juggling - Intermediate
5:30-5:45Hula Hoops - Beginner5:40-5:55Baton Twirling
Tiny Tots Trio (ALL)
6:20-6:55Stilting - Intermediate
7:00-7:30Stilting - Advanced
6:10-6:35Poi (ALL) 
6:40-6:55Hip Hop Dance
Tumbling for Two - Advanced
7:00-7:10Stilting - Beginner
7:15-7:30Diabolo - Beginner

Thursday rehearsal: Please arrive by 5:20 if you're in the first act and by 6:20 if you're in the second act.
Act 1

Tiny Tots Trio
Hula-Hoop - Beginner
Tumbling for Two
Hip Hop Dance
Tumbling for Two - Advanced
Diabolo - Beginner
Juggling - Beginner
Diabolo - Intermediate
Hula-Hoop - Intermediate
Stilting - Beginner

Act 2

Stilting - Intermediate
Stage Combat (Both classes)
Baton Twirling (Both classes)
Devil Sticks (Both classes)
Juggling - Intermediate
Poi - Beginner
Poi - Intermediate
Stilting - Advanced

Performance information: Please arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the performance start time.
Performances are:
  • Friday, August 3 at 7pm
  • Saturday, August 4 at 2pm
  • Saturday, August 4 at 7pm
  • Sunday, August 5 at 2pm
Parking permit leniences on streets other than Vinal Ave. is in place during the performances.
We will be ordering pizza for students who are staying between the Saturday performances, but please let us know if you intend to be there (though a donation is not required to partake in the pizza, one would be appreciated). We will be holding a cast part after the Sunday performance with pizza and remaining beverages.