It's time again for the First Night Parade! This is our most popular event outside of the regular season and I hope to see many of you there. Please note, we're trying something new this year and holding a refresher session for those interested in stilting for a bit to make sure they feel up to stilting in the parade. Please let us know if you intend to join us for this refresher session by emailing

All are welcome! Whether you're stilting, juggling, hooping, spinning poi or flower sticks, unicycling, or just walking, the more the merrier and the better our group will look! If you need some equipment (other than costumes), please let us know before Thursday so we can make sure we've got everything ready for you in the morning. We'd like to get a rough estimate, so if you're planning on coming, shoot us an email at and

Schedule for Dec 31:

  • Pick up costumes between 10am and 11:30 at 67 Dane St., Somerville. Please make sure to come before 11:30 so you have time to put your costume together and also give the generous folks at Dane St time to make their own preparations as well as have lunch and a little down time before they have to rejoin the rest of us at the Hynes for the parade.
  • Arrive at the the main branch of the Boston Public Library by between 4:30 and 5:15. We typically meet at the base of the stairs on Daltmouth St closer to St James Ave Please note that Boylston St (the nearest major cross street for Dalton). Please arrive before 5:15 as we may not have everything you need after that time as the tables and extra supplies get taken away.
Additional information:
  • Dress appropriately when you come to the parade route: white or dark sleeved jackets (or other top, depending on the weather). Keep in mind that we'll be out in the open for a bit before the parade begins but also that once the parade gets started, you'll be constantly moving so you'll warm up.
  • We need assistance with the following activities within the parade:
    • Monitoring the participants to make sure we don't spread out too much
    • Confetti management: we need people to pull the confetti carts (or other equipment carts) as well as people to refill confetti shakers and bring them to/from the stilters/walkers shaking the confetti.
Looking forward to seeing many of you, closing out 2019 and kicking off our 36th year!