Parade AND Stilting Workshop - Sunday, Oct 14, 2018 - Somerstreets - Somerville Ave

The parade is a costume parade and all families are welcome to join with their own costumes, whether performing a circus skill or just walking along. Please let us know if you need any equipment or any part of a costume (we have black stilt-pants and white stilt-pants available but only if requested before Saturday). Come to Hawkins St / Somerville Ave by 2:30pm for setting up. We won't have our tables with us, unfortunately, but there are plenty of pillars nearby that stilters can sit on for setting up and we will have tables down the street at Properzi Way (6 blocks away). Keep in mind, as you plan your travel to/from the event, that Somerville Ave will be closed as you get close to Union Sq so traffic patterns will be different from usual.

The stilting workshop will run from 2:30-5:30pm. This year we'll be teaching at Properzi Way / Somerville Ave. We'll be setting up starting around 2pm. Anybody interested in coming to help out is welcome. We recently had a stilting workshop where we had someone volunteering as a line-monitor who just took names and then identified who was up next when a teacher became available... and it was amazing. If you're interested in this role, just check in with us first in case someone else has already taken it up. We can also always use stilters willing to walk around to demonstrate/advertise for the workshop. Anybody coming to help out, regardless of role, should wear a Circus t-shirt if they have one.

Makers' Workshop - Sunday, Nov 11, 2018 - OAC Makers' Day

Alex will be leading us in workshop to make juggling clubs and juggling balls. If there is interest in making stilts, we'll look at doing that as well.

Parade - Monday, Dec 31, 2018 - First Night Parade

Unconfirmed - More Information to Come in November