Stilting Workshop - May 19 - Medford Spring Fling Artisans Fair

4GoodVibes is organizing on this craft fair at the Condon Shell in Medford which is on Mystic Valley Parkway near Winthrop St and a very short walk from Medford Square. The fair will go from 11am - 3pm and the 4GoodVibes Gift shop will donate proceeds from its own profits to City of Medford Schools: Columbus, Roberts, Andrews, Brooks, and the McGlynn PTO.(Profits made from raffles & table rental fees). We would love to have some help with the workshop itself as well as to invite all our friends and families to come enjoy the festivities. We'll be teaching from noon to 2pm and would welcome any that would like to help ensure this is a great start to our programs in 2019. Please wear an OAC t-shirt to showcase our presence

Parade and Stilting Workshop - June 2 - Somerstreets: Carnaval (Broadway in East Somerville)

We'll be gathering for the parade at 1:30 across from Mudflat Studios (81 Broadway). The parade actually kicks off from 192 Broadway so please arrive promptly so you can gather costumes. We'll be teaching stilting from 2:30-5:30pm across from Mudflat Studios. If you plan to help with the stilting workshop, please remember to wear an OAC t-shirt to identify you as part of our team. Also, keep in mind that Broadway is closed starting near McGrath Highway for this event so traffic may be somewhat bad. If you can, definitely consider taking public transportation to a nearby area and then walking the rest of the way. Please let us know if you're going to join for the parade so we make sure to bring enough costumes but don't overdo it.
Stilting Workshop - June 15 - Fresh Pond Day

We'll teaching from 11am to 2pm in the lower parking lot of 250 Fresh Pond Parkway (north of the building) and are more than happy to have company starting around 10:30am. Parking is at the Tobin School (197 Vasal Ln). As always, we suggest non-car methods of transportation if appropriate. Bus routes 72, 74, 75, 78, the Alewife T station, and the parkway bike path, which are all relatively nearby. Again, if you're joining to teach, one, thank you, and two, please remember to wear an OAC t-shirt to identify you as part of our team.
Stilt Walkabout - June 22 - Growing Center

We've been invited to help the Growing Center celebrate their re-opening ribbon cutting on June 22 at 9:30am by having a few stilt walkers walk around on pathways. If you're interested in wearing stilt pants, let us know and we'll coordinate getting you a pair ahead of time.